Home Automation Reimagined


Simply plug the Ottobox into the wall and plug whatever you want to automate into it


Swap out your dumb outlet for the Ottonovo and make your outlet smarter


Automate the devices you control with a normal switch with the Ottoplate

Saves You Money

Devices Turned Off When Not In Use

Ottomate products turn your devices off when they are not in use after a certain amount of time, saving you money. Phantom electricity which is the energy expended when devices are plugged into the wall but turned off, is eliminated.

Encrypted Information

Bank Level Security

256 Bit bank level encryption is used to make sure your data is safe.

Auto Learning

Learns Your Devices Schedule in 14 Days

Ottomate Products learn how you use each product. After 14 days those products automate for you, turning on and off based on your schedule


Knows When You Are Around

Ottomate's Cense technology is able to detect when you're is in a room and activate the devices in the room


  • My kids often leave the rooms with entertainment and do not turn off the devices. Such a waste of energy! So, I thought this would be helpful to automate the turning off of those devices when they are no longer in the room

    Michael Tuccillo

Ottomate’s Auto Learning technology allows it to learn the habits of each member of your household and control your home’s electricity accordingly.  Not only that: our technology is also intuitive so it adjusts how it automates your home as your family’s routines and schedules change.

0 Days


Ottomate’s mobile app allows you to control your devices manually and monitor your home’s from anywhere in the world

Order an Ottomate device now and be one the first people in the world to live in a home that truly knows you

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