A smart home system that learns

from you and cuts your energy usage

Learns your schedule

Many people forget to turn things off, so Ottomate learns your schedule and programs itself

Cuts your energy usage

Automatically turn things off when they’re not in use or when you’re not at home

On the go

Use the app or dashboard to connect and control your home from anywhere in the world


perfect to remotely control a single device


  • My kids often leave the rooms with entertainment and do not turn off the devices. Such a waste of energy! So, I thought this would be helpful to automate the turning off of those devices when they are no longer in the room

    Michael T
  • I have been searching high and low for something like this! I always forget to turn my tv and lights off when I'm rushing to work in the morning. I get a "nudge" (push notification) that I've left something on and can now turn them off while commuting to the office!

    Sophia C.UI Designer


remotely control 2 devices and charge via 2 usb ports

No more fumbling for light switches Ottomate will turn them on for you


dim the lights or control a ceiling fan

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