Save Money By Controlling

Your Home


perfect to remotely control a single device

Learns Your Schedule

Ottomate’s smart technology allows it to learn the habits of each member of your household and control your home’s electricity accordingly.  Not only that: our technology is also intuitive so it adjusts how it automates your home as your family’s routines and schedules change.


remotely control 2 devices and charge via 2 usb ports

Cuts Your Energy Usage

When the devices in your home are turned off, they are still consuming electricity. Basically, if something is plugged in, it’s draining power—even if you’re not using it (think microwave, printer, we can go on and on). Ottomate doesn’t just turn your devices off, it cuts power entirely—this greatly reduces your home’s energy consumption, and can lower your electrical bill by as much as 50% each month.


dim the lights or control a ceiling fan

On The Go

Ottomate’s mobile app allows you to control your devices manually and monitor your home’s electricity from anywhere in the world


  • My kids often leave the rooms with entertainment and do not turn off the devices. Such a waste of energy! So, I thought this would be helpful to automate the turning off of those devices when they are no longer in the room

    Michael T
  • I have been searching high and low for something like this! I always forget to turn my tv and lights off when I'm rushing to work in the morning. I get a "nudge" (push notification) that I've left something on and can now turn them off while commuting to the office!

    Sophia C.UI Designer
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