The SaaS lifecycle is the automated messages sent throughout your customer’s journey.

It takes 20+ automations to fully complete.


Grow your SaaS company by making these automations.

Drive trials and demos

Deliver content

Welcome new leads

Nurture leads to a trial or demo

Reengage stale leads

Earn paid subscribers
Retain and upsell paid subscribers
Get feedback & spread the word
Win people back

The exact number will vary based on your business— how you structure your pricing plans, what product tracks you have, and your customer segments.

The automations could consist of messages sent through email, SMS, push, direct mail, on-website messages, or any other medium your audience may see.

SaaS Lifecycle Flowchart

Your automations fit together to create a holistic, cohesive experience for your customers.

The SaaS lifecycle flowchart

The end goal is to go from where you are now to a fully automated SaaS customer journey to increase automatic revenue at every step.

By investing in lifecycle,
you’re betting on an increase in:

Trials and demos

Conversions to paid plans

Product engagement

Expansion MRR

Recovered failed payments

Lifetime value


I was Brian’s manager for three years at Opendoor. He’s laser focused on understanding the customer’s journey inside and out, and skilled at shipping complex lifecycle projects with multiple teams and stakeholders. If you’re looking to invest in lifecycle, Brian is your guy.

Joey Soriano

Joey Soriano


I've learned so much from working with Brian. We partnered together on lifecycle projects and it’s opened up my eyes to how we can elevate our email creative offering to our clients.

Chapin Herman

Chapin Herman

CEO Herman-Scheer