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Brian Sun - Founder of Ottomate

Brian Sun

Founder of Ottomate. Previously in-house at Titan, Opendoor, and Autopilot.


Send dynamic emails

You’re wasting your Klaviyo investment if you only send generic marketing emails. Their system is capable of things like dynamic replenishment emails and personalized-by-product onboarding messages.

Give SMS a shot

Combining email and SMS into one with system with Klaviyo will give you a clearer picture of your ROI, and save you a lot of heartache from using separate SMS systems like Attentive and Postscript.

Use their predictive analytics

Klaviyo knows when people buy products because of the insane amount of e-commerce purchase data stored in their system. You can put it to work with their predictive analytics capabilities, like by segmenting off of their Expected Next Order Date model.

Let’s identify some opportunities in Klaviyo to help you hit your lifecycle goals this quarter.
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Klaviyo lifecycle challenges

Revenue attribution

Klaviyo attributes revenue to purchases bought within five days of opening an email

This is a broad attribution window and model that over attributes revenue to Klaviyo

This can lead to an inflated view of flow and campaign performance

Design constraints

Crucial e-commerce email modules don’t look good by default in Klaviyo

For example, the product recs feed is customizable, but quite frankly, it’s ugly

You need email dev to make your dynamic modules on-brand and beautiful

I can help you and your internal team navigate these challenges.

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