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👋 Hey, I’m Brian. I used Braze when I worked full-time at Titan, an investment platform. Now I’m a lifecycle marketing consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of Braze. Reach out for an audit and let’s take your lifecycle to the next level.

Brian Sun - Founder of Ottomate

Brian Sun

Founder of Ottomate. Previously in-house at Titan, Opendoor, and Autopilot.


Use dynamic content

You’re wasting your Braze investment if you only send generic marketing emails. Their system is capable of dynamic content to create personalized, just-for-the-individual messages

Experiment with multiple channels

We’re talking in-app messages, push notifications, SMS, and content cards. You can create cohesive a experience across every channel. It’s awesome.

Send activities to your data warehouse

Important for measuring results, use Braze Currents to get performance metrics into your data warehouse. Your data science team will be able to query it and help you get better insights.

Let’s identify some opportunities in Braze to help you hit your lifecycle goals this quarter.
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Braze lifecycle challenges

Data model

You need to send the right custom attributes and events to Braze to send triggered messages.

You also need to know what each field actually means.

This can lead to a lot of back and forth thrash with your engineering and data science teams.

Cross functional collaboration

Lifecycle touches the work of so many teams.

It can easily lead to a too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen use of Braze.

Resulting in a disjointed experience for your customers.

I can help you and your internal team navigate these challenges.

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