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👋 Hey, I’m Brian. I used Ortto for one of my clients in the travel space and for a software client too. I also worked there when it was Autopilot. Reach out for an audit and let’s take your lifecycle to the next level.

Brian Sun - Founder of Ottomate

Brian Sun

Founder of Ottomate. Previously in-house at Titan, Opendoor, and Autopilot.


Set up analytics dashboards

Ortto’s analytics and reporting capabilities are off-the-charts. You can build dashboards to see how every part of your business is doing from traffic to lead conversion and revenue performance.

Move fast with templates

Ortto made a ton of templates you can use right out of the box. Not just email templates, but templates for popups, dashboards, and reports as well.

Use their popup builder

This could be its own product. You can build all types of popups in Ortto including spin the wheel, page takeovers, and banner bars.

Let’s identify some opportunities in Ortto to help you hit your lifecycle goals this quarter.
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Ortto lifecycle challenges

Not going all-in

Ortto offers analytics, popups, multi-channel automation, and a full CDP

If you only set up one of their features, you’re missing out on the power of using them all together

This can lead to over-spending and thrash between the multiple systems you’re using

Not shipping enough automations

Don’t set up an opt-in form and a welcome series then call it a day

Build out at least five core automations in Ortto to get a feel for the system

Use templates to hit the ground running, but do the work of building custom high-impact automations

I can help you and your internal team navigate these challenges.

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